Mentorship in Dentistry is Key

A good mentor can make the difference between a successful first year of practice and feeling like you’re floundering. That’s why Community Dental Partners makes mentorships one of the cornerstones of our mission. Through effective mentorship in dentistry, incoming doctors feel supported and less stressed. They also usually end up surprising themselves with how much … Continued

6 Tips for New Dentists: What to Expect from Your First Year Out of Dental School

There are so many hurdles to becoming a dentist: you had to finish your Bachelor’s, perform well on the DAT, and undergo the rigorous application process to get into dental school. Not to mention those four to six years of dental education. For recent dental graduates, life has probably felt like one challenge after another … Continued

What Dental Treatments Will I Get to Do?

Dentistry means more than just filling cavities all day. Part of what makes it so great to be a dentist is that every day and every case is different. Throughout your career, you will grow not only in competence and confidence, but your scope of practice will likely expand. From accessing new and emerging techniques … Continued

Dentist Compensation Transparency: How Do You Get Paid?

Whether you are a new dentist just entering the dental field or a seasoned practitioner seeking advancement or a more rewarding work environment, dentist compensation transparency is key to finding your ideal position. With many business models out there for how to run a dental practice, it is more important than ever that you understand … Continued

How to Navigate the Emotionally Charged Dental Environment

Dental school leaves new graduates unprepared for some aspects of life as a dentist. One aspect many dentists are not prepared for is how emotionally charged a dental office environment can be. From patient anxiety to team dynamics, conflict management in dental practices takes skill. Even the most seasoned dental professional may need to hone … Continued