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We Serve Dentists
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Preserve Independence, Opportunity, and Quality of Care.

Our Culture

Success comes by living our culture.

Our culture defines the key elements of how we think, act, and communicate. Each of our pillars support how we create an amazing doctor, patient, and staff experience.

Culture starts with a strong foundation.

At CDP, we create an amazing experience defined by our 9 pillars. We’re on a mission to completely change the way people interact with the dental industry. We’ve brought together the very best clinical and business experts to ensure you get the highest level of support. Now that you know you are in good hands, here is our culture in action.

The Clinical Constitution.

We are revolutionizing the dental industry by providing a patient centered mindset to create amazing practice experiences.


We understand that patients are more likely to complete their treatment when all oral health care needs can be provided by the same provider at the same practice.

We understand that the willingness of a doctor to complete the diagnosed treatment plan within the same day of the intial appointment is directly correlated to the patient’s probability of receiving care.

We understand that as we expand our hours and days of availability, we meet the needs of parent's and patient's busy schedules for after school and work-hour needs.

We understand that in order to meet the increasing comprehensive care needs of patients, we must continually improve our clinical capability.

We understand that the effectiveness of a doctor is directly correlated to the capabilities of the team. We continually expanded our emotional intelligence and communication skills to better lead our teams.

We understand that our patients live with an inherent fear of coming to the dentist and also lack knowledge around the importance of oral health. We seek to bridge these gaps.

Our Story

From our past we create a bright Future.

A Humble Beginning with Big Aspirations

Smile Magic was founded by Dr. Chad Evans in 2010 with the support of his best friend Emmet Scott. The two have been lifelong friends since the age of two. Smile Magic started as an idea from a dream that Chad had to serve underserved children. With oral health often being taken for granted, both Evans and Scott agree that reinforcing its importance is crucial, especially at a young age.

Doctor Lead. Team Supported.

Community Dental Partners is a DSO that was founded in 2012, it provides a platform that was designed by dentists for dentists to allow them to focus on the dentistry while receiving centralize support services such as billing, compliance, scheduling, etc. As more locations opened we needed more team members to be able to support the associate doctors with the necessary resources for them to succeed. CDP helps both new and established practices maintain patient experience and the business of operating.

Commitment to Serve the Underserved

Community Dental Partners expands to rural towns adding a new brand “Family Smiles” continuing the support for associate doctors to succeed as they continue to take care of smiles while we take care of the rest.

Expanding Our Reach

CDP continues fueling DeNovo growth and expanding the model we created to give dentists more opportunities to keep giving the dental care to the community.

1,330,825+ Healthy Smiles

Celebrating a decade of opening the first smile magic. When the first one opened in Denton, TX there was only one location with 19 employees. Ten years laters, there are about 700 employed across the state and seeing over 250,000 patients at the supported offices with now 14 Smile Magic offices across the Texas.

Meet our Team

We’re only as good as our people.

We are dedicated to supporting and growing our communities and practices. Our leadership team is comprised of some of the most respected authorities in the industry working together to enhance the lives of their dentist partners. Check out our teams to learn more about us and how we will serve you.

Emmet Scott

Chief Executive Officer

Chad Evans

Clinical Chair

JD Stacey

Chief Growth Officer

Craig Copeland

Chief Dental Officer

Jackie Brown

Executive Director of Human Resources

Ken Kaufman

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Grice

Executive Director of Facilities

Michael Irving

Chief Technology Officer

Norma Romero

Chief Compliance Officer

Brett Evans

Executive Director of Strategic Planning

Amber Nish

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Dhaval Thakkar

CDP Partner/Owner of 3C Dental Group

Dr. Nieku Manshadi

Co-Founder and Clinical Director of OrthoDent

Jackie Brown

Executive Director of Human Resources

Tiffany Green

Clinical Recruiting Manager

Sarah Wright

Clinical Recruiter

Fran Smith

Clinical Recruiting Admin

Crystal Romero

Talent Acquisition Manager

Adriana Sanchez

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Lysette Vega

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Yanet Avila

Talent Acquisition Specialist

JD Stacey

Chief Growth Officer

Brett Evans

Executive Director of Strategic Planning

Craig Copeland

Chief Dental Officer

Dr. Tyler Carlson

Clinical Executive Committee

Dr. Mark Jensen

Clinical Executive Committee

Dr. Lincoln Hepworth

Clinical Executive Committee


An approach to dental care that will put a smile on your face.

At Smile Magic, we believe that everyone deserves to have an amazing dental office adventure! That's why we've built our practice with...

  • A child-focused experience that takes care of the adults too.
  • Access to indoor play gyms, movie theaters, and video games.
  • A magical, fun, and exciting practice culture.


  • Carrollton
  • Corpus Christi - Saratoga
  • Corpus Christi - Staples
  • Dallas Buckner
  • Dallas Northwest Highway
  • Denton
  • El Paso - Dyer
  • El Paso - Montana
  • El Paso - Zaragoza
  • Garland
  • Grand Prairie
  • Houston
  • Killeen
  • Laredo
  • Lewisville
  • McAllen
  • San Antonio
  • San Juan
  • Weslaco

At Family Smiles, we believe that everyone should enjoy going to the dentist. We’re proud to and we carry that belief into everything we do...

  • Support families in rural communities
  • Provide access to WiFi, iPads, and TVs for an amazing patient experience
  • Offer complimentary refreshments to make dental visits something to look forward to.


  • Beaumont
  • Boerne
  • Brownwood
  • Burleson
  • Commerce
  • Ennis
  • Gainesville
  • Granbury
  • Greenville
  • Huntsville
  • Kingsville
  • Lockhart
  • Lubbock
  • Mineral Wells
  • Nacogdoches
  • Palestine
  • Plano
  • Stephenville
  • Sulphur Springs