Community Dental Partners offers an entirely innovative service option for the dental industry.

We partner with dentists so they can preserve, grow, and enjoy their practice even more than they do today. Our unique model includes clinical and business guidance, technology, resources, and relationships that enable our clients to focus on their passion and delegate the areas of the business that don’t give them energy. We believe a perfected practice makes for a happy dentist. And a happy dentist makes for a better community.

What We Do

We help successful dentists to define their magic, scale their practice and profitably sell it.

Two Minds

The demands of the dental industry require that dentists occupy two distinct mindsets (sometimes simultaneously) that are often in conflict.

Meet the Pros

Community Dental Partners was designed for dentists by dentists who recognized the need to partner with responsible business experts.

“Community Dental Partners respects what I’ve built and continues to improve on it.”

-Dr. Chad Evans

Our Partners