Two ideas build a perfected practice:

First, we know dentists have Two Minds.

The demands of the dental industry require that dentists occupy two distinct mindsets (sometimes simultaneously) that are often in conflict. For some, this is easy but for most, it’s an increasingly challenging dynamic.

The first mind is the “clinical mind” and it concerns all the activities dentists have learned in school. The second mindset they have is their “business mind” and it concerns the issues that emerged from the moment they started their career and grow increasingly complex with each year.

Most dentists have a preferred mindset but all dentists are forced to occupy both. What we’ve come to believe is that by acknowledging this fact and building unique solutions for both mindsets; dentists are able to flourish.

Second, we know each dental practice has Unique Wisdom.

Within the minds of everyone involved in your
practice (owners, staff, even patients) are distinct beliefs, experiences, hopes, and goals. Those elements form a framework of wisdom that is entirely unique to your practice.

We believe that wisdom is the core of your practice and should not merely be preserved but accentuated, enhanced, and expanded.

At Community Dental Partners we take special care to listen, learn, and observe each practice to identify their Unique Wisdom and leverage it. Our approach works because we respect the wisdom each practice has and truly believe it is their most powerful ingredient for success.