For today’s dental practitioner, the technical complexities of practice management are often at odds with their personal goals.

Profits are tapering, time freedom is often replaced with practice management headaches, and the ability to spend more time with patients, growing a business, or eventually selling the practice can feel out of reach. But a new model has emerged.

At Community Dental Partners, we’ve engineered a proven approach to address the Two Minds of a Dentist and protect the Unique Wisdom of a practice. This approach delivers dentists the power, control and financial freedom they seek without any of the tradeoffs of a corporate dental practice model.

Our distinctively unique system allows each dentist-owner to focus on whichever part of the practice they enjoy most while they obtain the freedom they desire.

Community Dental Partners presents a unique approach to build a Perfected Practice.

stage 1


Determine Fit

We connect first with a mutual interview to decide if we are suitable for one another’s needs. We consider timing, vision, capability and chemistry.

stage 2


Define the Wisdom

We conduct our Perfect Practice Assessment to define your practice’s unique value, opportunities, and any gaps in knowledge or capability where we can help.

stage 3


Enhance Services

We provide a rich set of services and solutions spanning marketing, technology and finance to HR, operations and compliance.

stage 4


Scale the Vision

We begin the process of growing your practice to its fullest potential while retaining all the things that make it great.

stage 5


Maximize Freedom

Depending on your vision, we help you to exit your practice or simply to grow it together with us while enjoying more balance, freedom and excitement.


Community Dental offers a suite of integrated solutions that address the seven key centers of a dental practice.

  • B

    Want to build a world class brand?

    We help uncover the unmistakable uniqueness of your practice.

  • mp

    Lacking the patience to find new patients?

    Let us share our best practices, tools and resources.

  • o

    Running a healthy practice or is it running you?

    We can define roles, systems and the resources you need to protect, grow or sell.

  • hr
    human resources

    Managing staff issues?

    We deliver simplicity and detail where you need it.

  • it

    Tired of the trek up the technology track?

    Let us share best-of-breed solutions from the world of IT.

  • af

    Feeling like your numbers just aren’t adding up?

    We provide simplicity or detail depending on what you prefer.

  • c

    Need a vacation from regulation complexity?

    We keep it simple, keep it moving forward, and keep you smiling.